Resolving Android Device Driver Issues

Windows is finicky about device drivers. From wireless adapters to our portable electronics, a special driver installation is needed prior to use. Android devices are no exception. Without any drivers previously installed, or the automated wizard failing to download the correct drivers, Android devices are left as glorified flash drives or media players when connecting as merely MTP or PTP devices (more on that at These two protocols do not support the fun and powerful ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) commands that can be used to exfiltrate data (more than music or photos) from the Android devices.

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Foroboto – Android Acquisition Tool

It has been a good number of months since I have updated this blog. Nonetheless, I have been busy and wanted to share some of the newest code I have been working on with everyone. The most recent script is called Foroboto. This script is similar in purpose to my previous Shattered script for Google Glass acquisition. The difference here is that I have put python aside and for the benefits in simplicity of bash.

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Walk and Public Transportation Icons for Google Glass Location GPS Directions

GPS Directions on Google Glass

Navigation has become a large part of this decade. The availability of GPS devices for consumer purchase has made companies like TomTom and Garmin well known for road trippers. Since the boom of the Smartphone market, the GPS is now considered a feature, not a device. With the next step in smart technology being wearable, Google Glass carries the feature of directions.

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